Sideline Reporter

EFS Contest

by Alf

The EFS contest allows two teams of the whole NGFFL prizes in EFS. The winners will be the top two teams that declared themselves eligible for this contest. Ranking will be determined by overall record (W-L), tie-breaker will be total points.

Stanley Ish Dunn, of EF Sports, has graciously donated 2 FREE 2001 fantasy football teams for use as prizes. Winners will also receive 50% off renewal fees for life for their teams. If you visit EFS Web Site, you'll see a most untraditional fantasy league that offers you the most extensive chance to be a football General Manager as there is.

Final Standings

Rank Team Owner League Division Record Points
1 Maho Marauders Greg von dem Bach Paul Brown Jim Brown 10-3 1293.96
2 European 99ers Alf Art Rooney Franco Harris 9-4 1366.42
3 Ebola Zaire Jeff White Paul Brown Jim Brown 9-4 1315.92
4 Boston Swarm Chris Hogan Art Rooney Terry Bradshaw 9-4 1266.80
5 Cleveland Browns Ken Po Paul Brown Jim Brown 6-7 1181.24
6 Rabid Garbage Dogs Timothy Blake Vince Lombardi Bart Starr 6-7 1118.84
7 Four Horsemen Randy LaVallee Art Rooney Terry Bradshaw 5-8 1048.88
8 Lewinsky Swallows Dave Eno Art Rooney Franco Harris 4-9 1067.36