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Mr Football contest

by Alf
operated by Greg von dem Bach in 2000

Well, I have to say that the web site I checked most often in the past was Mr. It was run by David Dodds with guest Tony Holm doing his progno stuff on every game of the NFL every week. The analysis was funreading, as all the stuff at Mr. was. I really enjoyed the information that was available on this site and it is with regrets for Fantasy Football Fanatics that we see Mr. web site disappear.

We have decided to continue the Mr. Football contest which was started with the inaugural 1999 NGFFL season.
The contest will consist of guessing how each team will do in the 2000 season (in their division, league and play-offs). The rules will be found on the rule link.

Steve talked with David Dodds for the use of Mr. Football as the name of the contest, and he apparently agreed with that. This is our small contribution to saying what a great job David did with Mr.

On the entries link, you will find all of the entries submitted.

Have fun !