Sideline Reporter


NGFFL Olympics

by Ray Bailey

Week 09

Winning Teams indicated by a *

Tom Landry League - Gold Medal Dogs Of War ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Dogs Of War (by 12) over New York Logic *Bristol County Bulldogs (by 21) over Orlando Inquisitors *Spittin' Camels (by 9) over Oakland Parliament Funkadelic Syracuse K-Mafia (by 2) over *Jellystone Flyin' Yogis *Purple Haze (by 12) over Mensa Midgets *Damage Inc. (by 5) over We Are Borg Syracuse K-Mafia ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *Dogs Of War (by 37) over New York Logic *Bristol County Bulldogs (by 18) over Orlando Inquisitors *Spittin' Camels (by 23) over Oakland Parliament Funkadelic *Jellystone Flyin' Yogis (by 4) over Syracuse K-Mafia *Purple Haze (by 29) over Mensa Midgets We Are Borg (by 9) over *Damage Inc. 10 Correct Predictions

Paul Brown League - Silver Medal Cleveland Browns ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cleveland Browns (by 5) over *Maho Marauders Starfleet Academy (by 15) over *Degeneration X *Ebola Zaire (by 20) over Austin Powers ITM Atlanta Jackhammers (by 20) over *Conquering Heroes *daUCBcat (by 15) over Gridiron Dominators *Cyber-Catz (by 5) over Huntley Hackers daUCBcat ------------------------------------------------------------------- Cleveland Browns (by 12) over *Maho Marauders Starfleet Academy (by 19) over *Degeneration X *Ebola Zaire (by 27) over Austin Powers ITM Atlanta Jackhammers (by 14) over *Conquering Heroes *daUCBcat (by 10) over Gridiron Dominators Huntley Hackers (by 5) over *Cyber-Catz 5 Correct Predictions

Vince Lombardi League - Bronze Medal Las Vegas Grayhounds ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *St. Louis Wounded Ducks (by 8) over Las Vegas Grayhounds *Rabid Garbage Dogs (by 1) over Cascade Confusion Cambridge Critters (by 2) over *Troy Hipster Duphus Chicago Avengers (by 14) over *Socko's Revenge FFB Wizards (by 11) over *Doberman Pinchins Milwaukee Madmen (by 7) over *Steel City Brownsbashers Rabid Garbage Dogs ------------------------------------------------------------------------ *St. Louis Wounded Ducks (by 5) over Las Vegas Grayhounds Cascade Confusion (by 12) over *Rabid Garbage Dogs Cambridge Critters (by 2) over *Troy Hipster Duphus Chicago Avengers (by 4) over *Socko's Revenge FFB Wizards (by 17) over *Doberman Pinchins *Steel City Brownsbashers (by 3) over Milwaukee Madmen 4 Correct Predictions

Art Rooney League - 1st Runner-Up Hoosier Tornados ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoosier Tornados (by 8) over *The Lewinsky Swallows European 99'ers (by 22) over *Molino FFL Class Dismissed (by 16) over *Titan Traders *Boston Swarm (by 13) over D.S. Dolphins Wisconsin Z-Force (by 14) over *Panama Pilagers MediaBLITZ (by 7) over *Four Horsemen Wisconsin Z-Force ------------------------------------------------------------------- Hoosier Tornados (by 5) over *The Lewinsky Swallows European 99'ers (by 12) over *Molino FFL Class Dismissed (by 8) over *Titan Traders D.S. Dolphins (by 2) over *Boston Swarm *Panama Pilagers (by 3) over Wisconsin Z-Force MediaBLITZ (by 16) over *Four Horsemen 2 Correct Predictions

George Halas League - 2nd Runner-Up Oklahoma OhNos ------------------------------------------------------------------- Lincoln Assassins (by 14) over *Shek Republic Meat Weasels (by 11) over *Sportin' Life Oklahoma OhNos (by 20) over *Brigantine 69ers Kiwi Air (by 14) over *Kardiac Kids Thundering Gerbils (by 8) over *Wayne Fontes *Weapons Of Love (by 11) over Pigskinned Monkeys Only one entry received from the Halas League 1 Correct Prediction