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2000 Week 9 Edition

Halas League

Week 9 comments were

Kardiac Kids (4-4)(5-4) vs Kiwi Air (5-3)(5-4)

Both teams are looking for a crucial win in order to stay competitive for winning the Walter Payton division. Both teams have had opposite fortune recently. Kiwi Air is on a 2 game winning streak mainly due to Ricky Williams improved performance while Kardiac Kids is on a 4 game losing streak after opening the season with a 4 wins streak.

Kiwi Air lineup should be:
QB Brett Favre
RBs Ricky Williams, Lamar Smith, Ron Dayne
WRs Antonio Freeman, Peerles Price 1.70, Shawn Jefferson 0.00

Kardiac Kids lineup should be:
QB Steve McNair
RB Marshall Faulk
WRs Cris Carter, Albert Connell, Jimmy Smith, Az-Zahir Hakim 1.80, Derrick Mason 7.20

Players to watch : RB Marshall Faulk for Kardiac Kids and RB Ricky Williams for Kiwi Air.
Kiwi Air by +20 Kardiac Kids by +1.76

Player of the Game : RB Marshall Faulk, St Louis 38.40

Both players I recommended to watch put up expected numbers. Well Marshall Faulk did a bit more than expected with a 4 TDs weekend. After such a tremendous performance which carried Kardiac Kids team, Marshall Faulk is clearly heading for the Fantasy player of the year award !

Week 10 preview

Players to watch :
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Rooney League

Week 9 comments were

Boston Swarm (5-3)(6-3) vs D.S. Dolphins (5-3)(5-4)

The battle for the Terry Bradshaw Division lead.

Boston Swarm lineup should be:
QB Rich Gannon
RBs Edgerrin James, Kimble Anders, Shawn Bryson
WRs Marvin Harrison, Terry Glenn 0 bye, Oronde Gadsden 13.00

D.S. Doplhins lineup should be:
QB Mark Brunell
RBs Charlie Garner, Eddie George 11.30, Travis Prentice
WRs Tony Gonzalez, Albert Connell, Peter Warrick 2.60

Players to watch : RB Eddie George for DS Dolphins and RB Kimble Anders for Boston Swarm.
Boston Swarm by +10 +8.10

Player of the Game : WR Oronde Gadsden, Miami : 13.00

DS Dolphins played it safe by benching George and starting Warrick. Well, Cincy passing game does not exist (repeat after me, does not exist). A maybe George would have been a better bet than a mediocre Warrick.
Boston Swarm week 9 pick up has been quickly efficient. WR Gadsden filling in for Terry Glenn bye week amassed 13 points and Boston Swarm is the only leader.

Week 10 preview

Players to watch :
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Brown League

Week 9 comments were

Gridiron Dominators (5-3)(5-4) vs daUCBcat (4-4)(5-4)

Fighting to stay alive for winning Otto Graham Division.

Gridiron Dominators lineup should be:
QB Rich Gannon
RBs Stephen Davis, Robert Smith, Shawn Bryson 2.00
WRs Tim Brown, Randy Moss, Andre Rison 6.70

daUCBcat lineup should be:
QB Jake Plummer 16.86, Kerry Collins 14.42
RBs Ricky Williams, Fred Taylor, Curtis Martin (Michael Pittman could also be starting)
TEs-WRs Tony Gonzalez, Wesley Walls 4.70, Keyshawn Johnson 18.10

Players to watch : QB Jake Plummer for daUCBcat and QB/WR combo Rich Gannon to Tim Brown for Gridiron Dominators
Gridiron Dominators by +15 daUCBcat by +18.68

Player of the Game : WR Keyshawn Johnson, Tampa Bay : 18.10

San Diego lost but their defense only allowed Janikowski to shine (5 FGs) while Oakland offense could produce a single TD. Gridiron combo of Gannon to Brown was fairly useless (11.84 points combined...).
On the other side, Shaun King managed to find Keyshawn Johnson in the end-zone and that is a pleasant surprise for daUCBcat who feared starting Wesley Walls (injury) and was right as Walls is not out for the remainder of the season.

Week 10 preview

Players to watch :
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Landry League

Week 9 comments were

We Are Borg (6-2)(6-3) vs Damage Inc. (4-4)(5-4)

Damage Inc. needs to win to be able to keep up with Tony Dorsett Division leader We Are Borg.

We Are Borg lineup should be:
QB Peyton Manning
RBs Curtis Martin, Jerome Bettis
WRs Tim Brown, Az-Zahir Hakim, Albert Connell 3.30, Donald Hayes 4.10

Damage Inc. lineup should be:
QB Daunte Culpepper
RBs Marshall Faulk, Lamar Smith, Jamal Anderson
WRs Jerry Rice, Herman Moore 9.10, Antonio Freeman 1.00

Players to watch : RB Jerome Bettis for We Are Borg and WR Herman Moore for Damage Inc.
Damage Inc. by +15 +55.90

Player of the Game : RB Marshall Faulk, St Louis 38.40

Damage Inc. pound it on the ground (and they still had Sammy Morris on the bench) and We Are Borg can still feel it.
We Are Borg potential points was 81.98 so a loss would have occured anyway.

Week 10 preview

Players to watch :
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Lombardi League

Week 9 comments were

Socko's Revenge (8-0)(9-0) vs Chicago Avengers (5-3)(5-4)

We are going to see if Socko's team can live up to his rank this week as he faces Chicgo Avengers for Don Hutson Division supremacy.

Socko's Revenge lineup should be:
QB Brian Griese 0 bye, Steve Beuerlein 8.18
RBs Marshall Faulk, Eddie George, Sammy Morris 15.30
WRs Torry Holt, Qadry Ismail 4.10, Raghib Ismail 5.90, Keith Poole 0.00

Chicago Avengers lineup should be:
QB Jeff Garcia
RB Corey Dillon
WRs Joe Horn, Randy Moss, Mushin Muhammad, Tony Gonzalez

Players to watch : RBs Faulk and George for Socko's Revenge and RB Corey Dillon for Chicago Avengers.
Chicago Avengers by +20 Socko's Revenge by +9.16

Player of the Game : RB Marshall Faulk, St Louis 38.40

With 4 games remaining and a 4 games lead, Socko's Revenge can now concentrate on preparing the playoffs. Man, this team seems to be for real :-)

Week 10 preview

Players to watch :
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