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Sideline Reporter

2000 Week 1 Edition

Just a small note to thank my brother Raphael for typing my notes concerning this first edition of the Weekly Reporter.

Halas League

Week 1 comments

Lincoln Assassins 134.44 - 70.26 Shek Republic

Of course I will comment how the reigning NGFFL Unification Champion Lincoln Assassins of Mickael Switzer performed. And to no surprise, he put the league highest total with 134.44. His RB Corps (Biaka, James, Staley) would have been enough (71.40) to beat Shek Republic (70.26 score). Even with his best lineup, the Shek would only have scored 84.46. This kind of loss is nearly unavoidable...

Week 2 preview

Kardiac Kids vs Thundering Gerbils

I'll comment the only matchup between two winning teams. Kardiac Kids vs Thundering Gerbils. I do not expect a repeat from McNair (7.58) nor Chandler (19.76). Kardiac Kids might have the same lineup as last week maybe except RB Howard or WR Kevin Johnson for Hakim (St Louis WR usually rotates in points). Gerbils should put the same total RB Anderson & WR Moulds should be a bit better & QB Chandler, WR Qadry Ismail & Rod Smith a bit worse. That will lead us to a close game. Kardiac Kids by +20 pts.

Rooney League

Week 1 comments

Boston Swarm 128.44 - 89.04 DS Dolphins

Rooney Champion and runner-up for NGFFL total points, Boston Swarm is on the same pace as last year by putting up 128.44 points. Surprise starter Robert Chancey (RB from SD) put up respectable points (14.00). Regular starters WRs Glenn & Harrison were average but his stud RBs James & Staley were terrific (60.60 points combined). Dolphins RBs Garner & George were OK but his WRs Connel, Moulds, Gonzo were disappointing combining for a low total of 10.70, on the other hand Dolphins D (Dolphins surprisingly :-) might have done the best score of all season due to a shutout (26 pts).

Week 2 preview

The trade : WR Freeman for QB Brad Johnson

To my surprise, there will be no matchups between winners of week 1 (neither losers :-). So I decided to comment the teams that traded. Molino FFL traded WR Freeman to Class Dismissed for QB Brad Johnson. This trade helps both teams and that's not good news for all other Rooney teams (me included). Brad Johnson will fill in for Kitna, Aikman & morover Molino FFL also has Jeff George : nice trade! Molino FFL starters will look like QB Brad Johnson, RB Antowain Smith, WRs Cris Carter, Torry Holt, Derrick Alexander. The 5th spot could be filled by Walls, Dawkins, Wilkins or Chris Warren (Emmit injured). Class Dismissed now only has QB Steve McNair as a starter with QB Flutie & QB Green not starting for their teams. With Emmit injured, Class Dismissed needed help on the backfield. Starters will look like QB McNair, RBs Jones & Stewart, WRs Tim Brown & Freeman with 5th spot to Emmit Smith when healthy or Warrick, Qadry Ismail or Rice.

Brown League

Week 1 comments

Ebola Zaire 103.26 - 48.30 Austin Powers ITM

Did you say studs ? Austin Powers thought he had some (Terrell Davis, Cris Carter, Westbrook, maybe Enis). But when those 4 combine for 13.90, you can assume that the week is over... Ebola Zaire started recent Miami RB starter Lamar Smith and it payed (21.70). Watch out for Ebola Zaire this year (they left Jamal Lewis, Warrick Dunn & Shawn Jefferson on the bench).

Week 2 preview

Conquering Heroes vs Huntley Hackers

Only matchup between winning teams. The once promising QB corps is now looking bad after week 1 performances ( remember it's only week 1 though) Damon Huard not starting, Jon Kitna looking horrible (many INTs & Holmgrem saying Brock Herond might have a chance) and Jeff Blake... well Jeff Blake looks like the only sure starter. Huntley Hackers is forced to go aerial. His RB are not involved in the game (Barry Sanders, retired, Raymont Harris injured, JJ Johnson on the inactive list, only JR Redmond & James Allen might see the field this week. Conquering Heroes by +20.

Landry League

Week 1 comments

Purple Haze 61.08 - 58.34 Mensa Midgets

OK, OK. I know I comment this week is lowest scoring game. But there are a few things to note. Apart the RBs (Stephen Davis, Ron Dayne, Mike Alstott, Eddie George), nothing much came from the other positions. Collins for Purple Haze put 6.98 (Couch 13.60 & Grbac 16.48 were on the bench) while QB Cannon for Mensa Midgets scored 12.74 (McNabb 18.10). Funny thing is that both teams had players score 0.00 : Sean Dawkins for Purple Haze & Tim Dwight for Mensa Midgets. Fred Beasley scored 21.50 but was on the bench for Mensa Midgets (would you have started him a lead of Alstott, George or Antowain Smith ? I wouldn't have!).

Week 2 preview

Bristol County Bulldogs vs Dogs of War

Funny I didn't even notice that both teams were carrying Dog names :-) I only selected this game because it was the only matchup between winning teams. Bulldogs player were consistant on week 1 but expect them to explode next week with RB Correy Dillon game vs the Browns. Probable lineup QB Rob Johnson, RB, Garner, Dillon, Mack/Chancey, WR Owens, McCaffrey. Dogs of War relied on RB James & WR Robinson on week 1. Expect QB Garcia to replace Banks on the starting lineup. Probable lineup QB Garcia, RB James, WR Muhammad, Robinson, Toomer, Bruce. High scoring game. Dogs of War by +15.

Lombardi League

Week 1 comments

Troy Hipster Duphus 73.32 - 61.88 Cambridge Critters

I comment this game mainly because those two teams have Funny names. Although I don't know what Troy Hipster Duphus means... Could you have told that the team with Terrel Davis, Isaac Bruce & Marvin Harrison would lose? Both teams were above average but THD started Miami D (26 hug points) and won even though we could see how a 1th round kicker miss a not-so long field-goal (can you spell Janikowski?) while other teams like Seattle cut their high ranked (3rd) kicker Todd Peterson!

Week 2 preview

Cascade Confusion vs Las Vegas Grayhounds

Cascade Confusion (107.3) sent in his best lineup for week 1 leaving 0 points on the bench. However losing Galloway will force him to throw in another receiver (WR Dawkins or TE Wycheck). Las Vegas Grayhounds (101.4) left approx 20 pts on the bench (RB Beasley mainly with 22 pts) but I don't see it happen this week. Look for Las Vegas Grayhounds to win this one by a short margin : +5.