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2000 Week 4 Edition

Halas League

Week 4 comments

Oklahoma OhNos 94.84 - 85.06 Lincoln Assassins

I predicted Assassins anf guessed wrong. The Rams did it all for OhNos. Warner connected to Holt enough to amass around 60 pts amongst these two players. OhNos ground game was consistent but not spectacular : Watters 8.10, E Smith 9.10, J Allen 9.50).
On the other side, Assassins did have a ground game thanks to last two top RB picks in 1999 & 2000 with E James 21.40 and Jamal Lewis 20.10 finally putting on a show. Too bad the aerial game was non-existent : QB Gannon 7.96, WRs Boston 2.30 & Morris 1.30.
With this victory, Oklahoma OhNos take the Gale Sayers Division lead.
Players of the Game : QB Kurt Warner, StL 29.44 & WR Torry Holt, StL 30.90

Week 5 preview

Pigskinned Monkeys (0-4) vs Wayne Fontes (0-4)

The two lowest (and winless) teams in Halas face-off on week 5 to know who will remain last in this league. The situation for both teams already appears critical and playoffs might be out of reach now.
Wayne Fontes still desperately need a leader to emerge and this might come from Detroit where players RB Stewart and WR Crowell belong. Probable lineup : QB Bledsoe, RBs Jones, Stewart, WRs Crowell, Glenn, Mathis.
Pigskinned Monkeys will have three starters back with WR Muhammad and QB Beuerlein coming of their bye week and the new Buf RB starter Jonathan Linton. Lineup : QB Beuerlein, RBs T Davis, Linton, WR Muhammad, Rice, McCaffrey.
Players to watch : RB Jonathan Linton for Monkeys and RB Jones for Fontes
Monkeys by +5

Rooney League

Week 4 comments

European 99ers 115.52 - 63.04 Titan Traders

I really hoped a victory but was worried by Traders backfield. RBs Jamal Lewis 20.10 & Jamal Anderson 11.30 performed reasonably well while Fred 'ouch I'm hurt' Taylor only manages 5.70 (relief...). QB & WRs only combined for 18 points.
My backfield of Mike Anderson 16.40 & Curtis Martin 22.42 (yes, I played him against the Bucs !), with Stephen Davis 8.90 where the force of my team. But don't forget Rod Smith 13.40 (without scoring a TD) and my franchise player QB Peyton Manning who torched Jax defense with 34.00 (440 yds + 4 TDs).
Player of the Game : QB Peyton Manning, Ind : 34.00

Week 5 preview

Boston Swarm (3-1) vs Four Horsemen (3-1)

Battle for the Terry Bradshaw Division lead.
Four Horsemen will keep last week starting lineup of QB Grbac, RBs Warrick Dunn, Watters, WRs James McNight, Jimmy Smith and you might see WR Peerless Price replace injured TE Franck Wycheck.
Boston Swarm is the force of this division (high scorer). Look for his lineup to be : QB McNabb, RBs James, Staley, WRs Glenn, Harrison, T Taylor.

Players to watch : RB Watters for Four Horsemen and QB McNabb for Boston Swarm.
Boston Swarm by +10

Brown League

Week 4 comments

Connor's DawgPen 82.74 - 46.56 Gridiron Dominators

I predicted DawgPen by +30, well it's +36, not too bad for me...
Dominators surely musn;t have looked at injury reports as he started non-starter RB Chancey. His only possibility was to start WR Rison and it would have given 5.40 more points. Not enough anyway. Not a sexy team this week, with only one player with double digit figures : PK John Carney, SD 12.
On the other side, DawgPen benefited from the emergence of Detroit with RB Stewart 15.60 and WR Crowell 12.50. But the biggest contributor was the Rams D with 20.00 points.
Player of the Game : TM Rams, StL : 20.00

Week 5 preview

Austin Powers ITM (0-4) vs Starfleet academy (2-2)

This one could be called the Hollywood Bowl :-)
Austin Powers must cry when looking at his players : RB Dillon not performing, RB Enis now a fullback, WR Westbrook out....He somehow managed to score around 80 points last week (and lose). Starting lineup should be : QB Rob Johnson, RBs Dillon, Terrell Davis, WRs D Jackson, Cris Carter and TE Jackie Harris.
Starfleet Academy will have to forget WR Terrell Owens for this game (celebrating at home...). Lineup : QB Beuerlein, RB Garner, WRs Schroeder, Muhammad, JJ Stokes and TE Shannon Sharpe.
Players to watch : RB Terrell Davis for Austin Powers and WR JJ Stokes for Starfleet.
Starfleet by +15

Landry League

Week 4 comments

New York Logic 78.46 - 71.30 Orlando Inquistors

I guessed the starting lineups of both teams (only mistake is Logic started Jacquez Green 7.50, while I would have started Ike Hilliard 14.50 :-). Anyway, I guessed wrong on this one as I forecasted Inquisitors by +10...
Inquisitors team was pretty anemic, no real outstanding player.
New York Logic could use the youth strength with RB Jamal Lewis 20.10 and WR Harrison 16.30.
Player of the Game : RB Jamal Lewis, Bal : 20.10

Week 5 preview

Dogs of War (4-0) vs Spittin Camels (4-0)

The records speak for themselves ! Who will still be standing undefeated after this week ?
Dogs of War have a high scoring lineup : QB Garcia, RB James, WRs Bruce, Glenn, Robinson, Muhammad.
Spittin Camels are not afraid with QB Brad Johnson, RBs Wheatley & Williams on bye, WR Moss (yes, you can play him now, he finished his bye week :-) Rod Smith, Derrick Alexander and some others obscure WR (Tony Martin, Pat Johnson, etc...)
Players to watch : RB James for Dogs of War and QB Brad Johnson for Camels
Dogs of War by +40

Lombardi League

Week 4 comments

Roadsquash 99.82 - 62.86 Doberman Pinchins Chicago Avengers 87.54 - 78.38 Milwaukee Madmen

I messed up last week, as I tried to predict an already played game (Roadsquash vs Madmen). While the game wasn't this one, I predicted Roadsquash by +20, and this is exactly the points difference between those two teams.
Madmen only good news players are QB Brett Favre begin a slow come-back to his expected rank 18.88 and RB Tyrone Wheatley 18.30. Other players were deceptive.
Roadsquash only wrong guessed significant player was WR Peter Warrick 1.50 while I would've started RB Jamal Anderson 11.30...All the players involved for Roadsquash were efficient : QB Blake 16.52, WR Crowell 12.50 and WR Darrel Jackson 12.80. But the workhorse was RB Charlie 'everybody can run over Dallas D' Garner : 29.50

Player of the Game : RB Charlie Garner, SF : 29.50

Week 5 preview

Cambridge Critters (3-1) vs Las Vegas Grayhounds (1-3)

Cambridge Critters would like to continue their winning streak (3) by playing a Las Vegas Grayhounds team who surely would like to end his (3 losses).
Grayhounds will heavily rely on Chicago air game with QB McNown and WR Marcus Robinson, with help from RB Alstott, RB Lamar Smith, WR Jerry 'still scoring TDs' Rice and WR Donald Hayes.
Cambridge Critters probable lineup might be : QB Culpepper, RB Biakabutuka, and WRs Bruce, Harrison, Rod Smith completed by either WR Peerless Price or RB Tony Richardson.
Players to watch : QB Culpepper for Critters and QB McNown for Grayounds.
Critters by +15