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2000 Week 3 Edition

Halas League

Week 3 comments

Kiwi Air 79.62 - 61.08 Wepaons of Love

I just wrote last week I couldn't believe I was favoring Weapons, well, I should have listened to myself...and I wouldn't have predicted a Weapons of Love victory.
Kiwi Air was consistent (4 10+ players) while Weapons only had Barber...
Notable WRs misperformance : Freeman 3.50, Robinson 8.40, Gadsden 1.10, Hayes 6.90, Moss 2.00.
Player of the Game : RB Tiki Barber, NYG : 20.40

Week 4 preview

Lincoln Assassins (3-0) vs Oklahoma OhNos (3-0)

The matchup of week 4 as this is the only game between undefeated teams.
Assassins will pound the ball hard with RBs Staley, Edgerrin James and Jamal Lewis. QB Gannon, WRs Toomer and Boston will surely complete the lineup.
Oklahoma will be more aerial (kind of) with QB Warner, RBs Emmitt Smith, Watters, Allen and WRs Holt, McCardell.
This will be high score of the week game.
Players to watch : RB Jamal Lewis for Assassins and QB Warner for Oklahoma.
Assassins by +5

Rooney League

Week 3 comments

Panama Pilagers 110.56 - 82.46 MediaBLITZ

I predicted a Pilagers victory by +10. +30 it is ! Panama Pilagers finally managed to get that win they were chasing for two weeks.
The RB fight was won by Pilagers and it was fairly decisive.
MediaBLITZ : Biak 10.70, Dayne 6.90, Robert Smith 16.30 for a total of 33.90
Panama Pilagers : Barber 20.40, Marshall Faulk 37.90
No more comment !
Player of the Game : RB Marshall Faulk, StL : 37.90, best NGFFL RB score

Week 4 preview

European 99ers (2-1) vs Titan Traders (2-1)

I comment my team's game because it's the only one between winning teams.
For 99ers, Manning comes of his bye week to replace Batch. Starting lineup : QB Manning, RBs Mike Anderson, Stephen Davis, Curtis Martin, WRs Joe Horn, Rod Smith.
Traders have their backfield back on track. Jamal Anderson is playing better than Terrell Davis in the knee rehab race, Jamal Lewis is finally the starter in Baltimore and faces Cincy and more important, Fred Taylor is going to play this week. Probable lineup : QB Griese, RBs Jamal Anderson, Lewis, Taylor, WRs Kevin Johnson, Booker.
Players to watch : RB Mike Anderson for 99ers and RB Fred Taylor for Traders.
99ers by +1, can't predict I will lose but Traders backfield worries me.

Brown League

Week 3 comments

Ebola Zaire 107.74 - 65.64 Maho Marauders

I expected a large victory by Ebola, but not 40 points (I said 20). Like I said last week, Maho decided to give his stars a break (Manning, George, James) and well, you know what happened. Shaun King managed well as a bye week fill with 20.14. Watters is still not done in Seattle (18.40).
Ebola pounded it on the ground with RB Marshall Faulk show (37.90). Lamar Smith (23.00) was not deceptive either. Jamal Lewis, Warrick Dunn or Nap Kaufman would all have been better than starter Wheatley (4.20), but Ebola didn't need them and get the Division Leadership.
Player of the Game : RB Marshall Faulk, StL : 37.90 again

Week 4 preview

Gridiron Dominators (2-1) vs Connor's DawgPen (2-1)

A game in the close Otto Graham Division. 4 teams average between 76.7 and 78.2 points per game.
Connor's DawgPen will lose RB Biaka this week but will surely use Bettis. Probable lineup : QB Couch, RBs Beasley, Stewart, Bettis, WRs Crowell, Alexander.
Dominators lineup will be decimated this week : Moss, Peerless Price, Robert Smith have a bye and RB Robert Chancey is injured. The team should look like : QB Gannon, RBs Stephen Davis, Shaun Alexander, WRs and the whole Oakland receiving corps. Hmm, isn't Gridiron Dominators a Raiders fan :-) He might complement QB Gannon with WRs Rison and Jett and TE Dudley. That doesn't smell victory...
Players to watch : WR Crowell for DawgPen and RB Stephen Davis for Dominators.
DawgPen by +30

Landry League

Week 3 comments

Spittin Camels 61.02 - 44.22 New York Logic

Camels by +20 while I predicted Camels by +40. Not too bad. In fact I expected Camels to score a lot more points but WRs Randy Moss (2.00), Derrick Alexander (4.80) and Rod Smith (6.30) were very disapointing. Only Griese (16.52) and Williams (14.20) were competitive.
New York Logic playing for 2001...Going 0-3 will surely guarantee them a high draft pick in 2001. Logic best player was KC RB Franck Moreau (11.80) and he was on the bench. No starting player reached double digit score. OK, OK, I'll change a bit my commments, with Harrison, Boston, Jones, McNair on bye, they went with an almost certain loss.
Player of the Game : RB Ricky Williams, NO : 14.20

Week 4 preview

Orlando Inquisitors (0-3) vs New York Logic (0-3)

I know, I'll comment once again the New York Logic team. But with 4 major players coming off bye week, the team should be more powerful this week. Probable lineup : QB Plummer or McNair, RBs Jamal Lewis, Thomas Jones, WRs Harrison, Boston, Hilliard.
Orlando Inquisitors have a good looking lineup QB Bledsoe, RBs Biaka, Emmitt Smith, Staley, Barber, WRs Cris Carter, Mathis. Well, this week, Biak is on bye and Cris Carter too. Look for the starting lineup to look like : QB Chandler, RBs Emmitt Smith, Staley, Barber, WRs Mathis, Chrebet.
Players to watch : RB Jamal Lewis for Logic and QB Chandler for Orlando
Orlando by +10

Lombardi League

Week 3 comments

FFB Wizards 70.42 - 55.06 Chicago Avengers

I predicted Avengers by +15 and it is Wizards by +15...
But I warned you to watch RBs Tiki Barber and Corey Dillon. I was right on players to watch, but I expected reverse performances... Barber with 20.40 blasts Dillon (6.60).
With a low scoring game, the only thing to note is that amongst the 6 starting receivers, only McCafrrey managed to put double digits (15.20). The rest is very disapointing : Moss 2.00, Muhammad 9.40, Gonzalez 4.30, Freeman 3.50, Hilliard 5.40.
Player of the Game : RB Tiki Barber, NYG : 20.40

Week 4 preview

Roadsquash (1-2) vs Milwaukee Madmen (0-3)

A loss for Milwaukee Madmen will mean a hard time getting back on track of the playoffs hunt.
Roadsquash has a pretty strong ground team (Garner, Staley, Jamal Anderson) and should pound the ball this week. Chandler, Germane Crowell and Darrell Jackson should complement the starting lineup.
Milwaukee Madmen now has three starting RBs : Emmitt Smith, Wheatley and James Allen. Well, I'm not convinved yet in the force of this group. Brett Favre, Tim Brown, Terrance Mathis and Shannon Sharpe will fill the remaining spots.
Players to watch : QB Chandler for Roadsquash and QB Brett Favre for Madmen
Roadsquash by +20