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2000 Week 2 Edition

Halas League

Week 2 comments

Kardiac Kids 121.52 - 72.02 Thundering Gerbils

I predicted a large victory by Kardiac Kids, but never could have said a 50 points margin was to be reached. But Jimmy Smith, Jax (and Kids) with 47.10 points sealed the victory with is solo performance. I expected WR Kevin Johnson to lineup but found WR Ron Dugans (7.00) with an OK performance. Points for Kids came from RB Faulk and WRs Carter and Jimmy Smith.
Gerbils only points came from WRs Rod Smith (23.70) and an improved but still not stellar Moulds (10.70).
Player of the Game : Jimmy Smith, Jax : 47.10

Week 3 preview

Kiwi Air (1-1) vs Weapons of Love (2-0)

Weapons of Love made a good start in this season (compared to 1999 campaign where they waiting until week 6 for their 1st victory, their 2nd came on week 13...). However, their starting lineup is still not impressive : QB Couch or better McNown, RBs Barber, Wheatley, with Fred Taylor injured, WRs Gadsden, Hayes, and finally a star in Randy Moss. But, look, this team is 2-0 and will be 3-0 after week 3. Can't believe I wrote that :-).
Kiwi Air is suffering the RB Terrell Davis syndrome. With no Olandis Gary to steal carries, Terrell Davis was ready to come back strong... But a 6th rounder named Mike Anderson was the only NFL rusher to go over 100 yards in week 2. Although I expect Terrell Davis to come back soon, the rookie performance scares me for Kiwi Air chances.
Players to watch : RB Terrell Davis for Kiwi Air and RB Tiki Barber for Weapons of Love.
Weapons by +15

Rooney League

Week 2 comments

D.S. Dolphins 74.64 - 74.22 MediaBLITZ

D.S. Dolphins is the current Rooney Champion, and they let MediaBLITZ know it. Funny we introduced decimal points this year, because without them, the result would have been inverted.
Dolphins : 0.74 + 0.50 + 0.70 + 0.40 + 0.70 + 0.60 = 3.64
MediaBLITZ : 0.12 + 0.50 + 0.10 + 0.20 + 0.30 = 1.22
Dolphins gain a net margin of 2.42 points due to our new scoring system. Who would have thought that this new scoring system would be already highlighted due to an early season close game ?
Ron Dayne is still unefficient (thank you Tiki Barber) and Mark Brunell has a high scoring game (27.74) once in a while and it was on week 2.
Player of the Game : Mark Brunell, Jax : 27.74

Week 3 preview

Panama Pilagers (0-2) vs MediaBLITZ (1-1)

Dispite having one the highest Total Potential Points in this league, Panama Pilagers is still looking for his first victory. It might come this WE as they face MediaBLITZ. Both teams average 80 points a game, but look for Panama to win this one.
Players to watch : RB Ron Dayne for MediaBLITZ and RB Tiki Barber for Panama Pilagers.
Panama by +10

Brown League

Week 2 comments

Conquering Heroes 95.76 - 87.44 Huntley Hackers

Well, I predicted Conquie by +20. The victory was not so obvious, but a victory that was.
For Conquering Heroes, QB Jeff Blake produces an excellent game mastering Huntley QB Kurt Warner (23.66 - 20.54). Hackers would played aerial (Dawkins, Dwight,Freeman, Mathis, Ward : 53.90) equaled Heroes ground game (Alstott, Dayne, Rhett, Robinson, Rod Smith : 51.10). But the difference game from one player, and it was the kicker for Conquering Heroes.
Player of the Game : Mike Hollis, Jax : 18.00

Week 3 preview

Maho Marauders (2-0) vs Ebola Zaire (1-1)

Matchup between the two Jim Brown division leaders.
Maho Marauders decided to give his stars a break and see if his team is ready to go without them. QB Manning, RBs James and George are all having their annual bye week. Players like QB Shaun King, WR Terry Glenn or Jerry Rice will surely find their way into the starting lineup.
Ebola Zaire should be able to use this situation to grab the division leadership.RBs will again lead this powerful team (M Faulk, Lamar Smith, Tyrone Wheatley) while he might find it difficult to select his QB starter between Brad Johnson and Cade McNown with Steve McNair on the bench.
Players to watch : RB Marshall Faulk for Ebola Zaire and WR Albert Connell for Maho Marauders.
Ebola by +20

Landry League

Week 2 comments

Dogs of War 91.44 - 90.56 Bristol County Bulldogs

I viewed this game as a high scoring one, and it was, but I guessed wronged on the margin (predicted Dogs by +15 while it was by less than 1 point).
Dogs of War only RB was Edgerrin James, but that is a RB (24.70). WR Marcus Robinson (2.50), like the whole Chicago team is not playing at the level expected by many of us.
The Bulldogs relied heavily on the ground game (3 RBs) had even performances by his players (10 points avergae except for QB Rob Johnson (25.46) but that wasn't enough to overcome RB Dillon poor performance.
Player of the Game : Corey Dillon, Cin : 08.70, man if you can't run over the Browns...

Week 3 preview

Spittin Camels (2-0) vs New York Logic (0-2)

Got to talk about one of the league leaders as they put up a very impressive 125 points last week. They might have it easy this week with all their players performing well. Presumed starting lineup (QB Griese, RBs Wheatley, Williams, WRs Alexander, Moss, Rod Smith).
New York Logic (though building for 2001) already has a win, but he will have a hard time this week. No QB to start (Plummer and McNair on bye and Harbaugh is still the backup), rookie RBs not performing yet (Jones, Lewis, Alexander, Redmond) if playing at all. His stud players WRs Harrison and Boston are on a bye week too. Man, Logic will have to expect a miracle this week :-)
Players to watch : Baltimore RBs (Holmes, Lewis) for Logic. WR Randy Moss for Camels.
Camels by +40

Lombardi League

Week 2 comments

Cascade Confusion 153.00 - 91.18 Las Vegas Grayhounds

I was completely wrong on this one. But I never expected Cascade Confusion to set a new NGFFL total points records for a single game with 153.00. He even had league records for 3 of his starting players (WR Jimmy Smith, PK Hanson, DT Bucs).
Las Vegas Grayhounds was not ridiculous although the points difference is huge (+62), and could not have done a lot more points. Although RBs Lamar Smith and Fred Beasley would never have imagined finding their way into anyone starting lineup before joining Grayhounds team.
Player of the Game : Jimmy Smith, Jax : 47.10, NGFFL record for a single player

Week 3 preview

Chicago Avengers (1-1) vs FFB Wizards (1-1)

The Don Hutson Division is scoring fewer points than the Bart Starr Division. However, this matchup might change the leadership in Hutson Division.
Chicago Avengers (dispite a great week 2 : 100.84) will not be able to repeat such numbers. RBs are Dillon and Prentice, WRs are Moss, Muhammad, Horn, Gonzo, while they ride two hot QBs (Warner and Culpepper).
FFB Wizards will find a hard time filling a starting lineup (McNair on bye, Fred Taylor injured, Curtis Enis unproductive). His starting lineup will surely look like QB Kent Graham, RBs Barber, Stacey Mack, Warrick Dunn, WRs Freeman, McCaffrey.

Players to watch : RB Tiki Barber for FFB Wizards. RB Corey Dillon for Chicago Avengers.
Avengers by +15